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Empowering the community

Malibu’s history of becoming isolated by natural and man-made disasters requiring residents to be prepared at all times. Post Woolsey Fire, Malibu Disaster Communications was formed as a community-run home platform to unite, educate, inform, and empower residents.

Public Safety

Malibu Disaster Communications has developed important relationships with Public Safety professionals and researched the best resources for emergency preparedness, as well as distributing timely emergency and traffic alerts from verified news, weather and law enforcement agencies.

Disaster Communications

Communications are key to the success of disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Accurate information disseminated to the general public from verified sources and law enforcement and first responders reduces risk, saves lives and property, and speeds recovery.

Woolsey Fire Videos

Read the latest news affecting our community.

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Structures Lost in The Woolsey Fire


Acres burned

Malibu Strong

The Future of Our Community is at Stake.

As a result of the Woolsey Fire, residents joined forces to form the Malibu 90265 platform as a community resource to recover, rebuild and empower locals.

Public Safety
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