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Debris Removal Deadline Extended to February 15th

Many deadlines are swiftly approaching for victims of the Woolsey Fire to: (1) apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency grants, (2) apply to the Small Business Administration for home or business loans, (3) apply for California Disaster Unemployment Insurance, and/or (4) opt in or out of the government backed Debris Removal Program. The deadline for each of the Federal and/or State programs was recently extended to February 15th, 2019, with the exception being that the CA. Disaster Unemployment Insurance deadline is extended to March 15th, 2019. [[1]] Woolsey Fire Victims should make sure to timely submit any of these applications if they wish to...

Opt-In Debris Removal Program Deadline is January 28th

On November 12th, 2018, the County of Los Angeles issued a Declaration of a Local Health Emergency and Order Prohibiting the Endangerment of the Community through the Unsafe Removal, Transport and Disposal of Fire Debris citing "the potential for widespread toxic exposures and threats to public health and the environment exists in the aftermath of a major wildfire disaster, and debris and ash from residential structure fires contain hazardous substances that can result in adverse health impacts to the public". Additionally the order states: "No removal of fire debris resulting from the Woolsey fire and concurrent fires in Los Angeles County shall occur from properties without...

Licensed Private Party Hazardous Waste Removal Companies

The following list of Hazardous Waste Removal companies are approved by the California State Contractors Board. Residents who have opted out of the CalOES program and chosen to have debris removed through a private contracting firm must have licensed hazardous debris professionals remove debris after CalOES has finished the inspection of your property. Amerifix Repairs and Construction, Lic. 640569, Phone:310.925.8274 Johnson Frank General Contractor, Lic.: 609907, Phone: 310.452.0205 MC Carron Walt General Conractor, Lic 283483, Phone: 818.370.3639 Nielsen Construction Group, Lic 714899, Phone: 323.951.9722 American Contractors, Lic 489371, 818.991.7288 Lindmark Engineering, Lic 964376, 818.707.6100 Reuss Enterprises Corporation, Lic. 637751, 818.800.7026 Ramtox Corporation, Lic. 886252, 818.429.6184 According to the L.A. County website: Property owners must...